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What’s so Great about Propane? A Look at the Benefits of this Efficient and Versatile Fuel

Propane is an energy-efficient fuel source that serves millions of households and businesses across the country in a variety of ways including furnaces, water heaters, outdoor grills, fireplaces and much more. But why is it such a popular energy choice?

Efficient & Economical

Propane is a clean burning, highly efficient fuel source. It’s colorless, nontoxic, and virtually odorless (although odor is added in processing so its presence can be detected). Propane is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. It’s the cleanest burning of the fossil fuels and is more efficient than natural gas, oil, diesel and even electricity. Propane appliances use less energy than electric which means lower costs to consumers.

Versatile & Convenient

Propane can power just about every appliance in a home while using less energy. This includes furnaces, water heaters, propane stoves, generators, propane powered clothes dryers and a variety of outdoor living appliances like grills, patio heaters, firepits and lighting.

For distribution, propane is stored in liquid form in refillable tanks and can be transported virtually anywhere. These tanks require little maintenance and can be installed above or underground, even in rural areas where no gas pipelines are available.

Readily Available & Safer for the Environment

A key factor that contributes to propane’s cost effectiveness is the fact that almost 90 percent of all propane consumed in the United States is produced right here. In fact, the US is the world’s leading producer of propane and exports an estimated 10 billion gallons each year.

Another benefit of propane is that it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it doesn’t pose a contamination threat to soil and water whether above or below the ground.

Making the Switch

Even if you currently use electricity and/or natural gas as primary energy sources in your home, you may consider converting to propane to enjoy the benefits of this versatile, economical, and readily available energy source. Just reach one of our qualified and experienced service professionals to explore various options.

Contact us or stop into Wright Propane to learn more about the benefits of propane!

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