What else do we do at Wright Propane?

After seeing our blog last month, you now know we do a lot more than just supply you with convenient and clean propane. And to show you how much we value your business, we wanted to share with you a few simple tips to help keep you healthier and happier at home.

Time to “Clear the air!”

With spring blossoming and flowers blooming bright, it’s time to “clean the air” in your house by doing a few simple tasks.  As we mentioned previously, we at Wright Propane do much more than propane, and keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape is another way we help our customers. We told you earlier how we sell and service efficient HVAC systems, so we wanted to give you a few Do-it-Yourself tips to keep your system running smoothly in between our regular service calls.
As such, here are a few things you can do at home to help keep the air in your home cleaner and healthier (and improve the performance of your HVAC system to boot!)

Replace the HVAC Air Filter on a regular basis

If you are not already doing this on a routine basis, one of the simplest things to do to keep your HVAC system running smoothly (in both hot and cold months) is to make sure the air filters attached to your HVAC unit(s) and/or inside the air intake vent(s) are clean and dirt-free. These filters serve to prevent dust and dirt from being pulled into your in-house HVAC system, and they can also help clear the air of dirt, dust and even pollen particles in the house at the same time.
To replace these filters, locate your central HVAC unit(s) which is typically in the attic or within a closet enclosure in a hallway and/or room, and look for a small door or slim insert where the air filter is inserted.

HVAC Air Filters may be found elsewhere as well

If the air filter is found in a slotted chamber attached to the HVAC unit, slide the dirty filter out and, paying attention to the arrows on the filter indicating the proper direction for air flow, simply slide in a new filter of the same size with the arrows pointing towards the unit.

Similarly, if the air filter is in wall or ceiling vent, open up this enclosure to replace the filter.  Again, check to make sure that the “air flow arrows” point towards the unit.  Both wall and ceiling vents “pull the air” INTO the wall so point them accordingly.

Note that return vents, which as the name implies are vents that return the HVAC’s hot or cold air into rooms, do not have filters, so no need to check them.  These types of vents are usually much smaller vents that you find on the floor, walls or ceilings in a home.

Get in the habit of checking and replacing these filters approximately every 90 days or so (or even more frequently if you live in a really dusty environment) and breathe a little easier and cleaner inside!

Call us at Wright Propane anytime we can help and we will show you why our customer service is considered top rate!

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