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There’s more than just propane at Wright Propane!

Did you know that we do a lot more than just supplying you with convenient and clean propane? We certainly do, and listed below are a few things we can do to better serve you know!

You’re getting warmer!

Now that we have finally emerged from a chilly winter, you need to start thinking about keeping things cool as the weather heats up. It won’t be long before you are singing the praises of air conditioning, especially when summer’s humidity sets in!
To help you prepare for this inevitability, we at Wright Propane can perform an HVAC check-up for you and clean and service your unit(s) to make sure your system is operating at its highest efficiency. We can handle residential or commercial projects both large and small, so call us to have us send out one of our skilled staffers to evaluate your needs and help you save energy with a refreshed and updated HVAC system today!

Fear no appliance!

While being stuck at home due to Covid-19 these past few months, your washer and dryer have probably pulled extra duty keeping your sheets, towels, jammies and exercise outfits clean. If they haven’t been up to the challenge, we have some good news for you! We sell and service Maytag® and Amana® appliance product lines, so stop waving your “used-to-be-white” flag and give us a call. We will send out one of our factory-trained experts who can help you discover how to get your laundry squeaky-clean with one of these amazing products, plus provide you with the additional security of knowing that our quality customer-service can help keep them functioning smoothly as long as you own them.

Don’t be shocked by our services!

Do you have a plug that doesn’t operate anymore? Does plugging in and turning on an appliance like your favorite hair dryer, blender, or toaster always trigger or “trip” a breaker in your electrical panel? If so, don’t risk getting injured attempting any electrical repairs by yourself, just call us! Wright Propane has been providing professional electrical services to both homeowners and businesses since 1937, so count on us and our skilled technicians when it comes to installing new hook-ups, making service upgrades or repairing faulty connections. We assure we know what we are doing, and promise to fix it Wright!

We at Wright Propane truly value our customers are appreciate them putting their faith in us. Call us anytime we can help and we will show you why our customer service is considered top rate!

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