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The Customer is Always Right, at Wright!

You’ve heard it stated that “the customer is always right”. It’s a phrase that actually originated in the early 1900’s with big retailers of the time including Marshall Fields and Sears-Roebuck. The idea wasn’t that the customer is right in every situation, it was to instill the idea that the most important aspect of any business is the customer.

At Wright Service, we’ve created a customer service culture that reflects that same ideal. Whether helping with a repair, a new appliance purchase, providing propane service, finding the right tool or simply answering questions, we strive to ensure our customer is happy that they do business with us.

Wright Service was built on this mantra since its founding in 1937, when Cleo C. Wright and his wife Ester opened Wright Hardware & Electric, selling agriculture supplies to farmers and general hardware to homeowners and small business owners. From the start, they were guided by an underlying mission to provide helpful, friendly service to their customers. Their motto, “Do it the Wright way!” is as important now as it was then.

As a family-owned, local business, we feel it’s important to treat people as we would want to be treated. And we always appreciate hearing our customers feedback on the positive experiences they have had with Wright. It means we’re doing it “the Wright Way.”

If you’re a current customer, stop by, give us a call or drop us a request online anytime. We love to help. And if you’re not yet a Wright customer, we invite you to experience the “Wright way” and a company of people whose number one goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Stop in to Wright Service or give us a call today!

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