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Surprising facts about propane!

Have you switched to propane gas in your home yet? No? Why not? Propane is a safe energy source which is easy to use, reduces our carbon footprint and best of all, saves you money

Here are 6 surprising facts about our favorite clean-burning fuel:

  1. Propane is harmless to soil & water! It’s great for agriculture because it doesn’t leave residue or spill!
  2. When propane combusts, it produces clean water vapor and CO2.
  3. Propane gas can be used to power almost any home appliance, such as dryers, kitchen appliances, water heaters, house heating, fireplaces, pools, spas, and even your vehicles!
  4. Propane gas is so light and clean that it isn’t considered a greenhouse gas!
  5. When detecting gas leaks, you may get a rotten egg smell. This isn’t actually how propane smells. It’s a naturally odorless gas with an odorant that has been added.
  6. Propane tankless water heaters are up to 98% more efficient than other energy sources for heat!

With all these great facts about propane, it’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular! Today, nearly 10% of households in the US use propane, and that number is growing every day! 

Want to learn more about propane? Call us today – we’d love to tell you more!

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

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