Summertime means sunshine, outdoor time and hanging with friends and family. It can also mean extreme heat, so our propane tip of the month for large tanks is:

In extreme heat, cool your tank down by spraying it with a garden hose. It can help lower the gas pressure and elevated temperature levels.

And here are a few more general propane safety tips for summer!

Care & Storage

  • Keep propane cylinders cool: Don’t store in direct sunlight, hot locations or in your car for extended periods.
  • Don’t store them in indoor living spaces.
  • Keep tanks upright: They have safety release valves that are designed to work properly when upright.
  • Keep them clear from open flames or other heat sources.
  • When transporting in your vehicle, secure the tank firmly and keep it upright.

Proper Use

  • Visually inspect the tanks for dents, rust, or corrosion and replace if needed.  
  • Close the valve when not in use.
  • Have tanks filled by professionals: Don’t attempt to do so on your own.
  • Check before first use: Test for leaks in lines and at the valves to ensure all is working properly (use the water and dish soap test).

Tips When Grilling

  • Keep your grill in a well-ventilated area (never enclosed or indoors)
  • Before using, clean the grill well to alleviate flare ups.
  • Check the lines to ensure all is in good working order (see leak test above).
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher nearby whenever you are using a propane cylinder.
  • Turn off the grill’s burner controls and the propane tank valve when not using.
  • If you detect a leak (and smell of rotten eggs), turn off the tank and contact a professional.

If you have questions about propane use or would like to heat and cool your home with propane, please give us a call or stop in and speak to a Wright Services professional!

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