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Keep Warm on your Porch with Propane!

Even though it’s still chilly outside, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit comfortably on your outside porch to enjoy the fresh winter air?  Here are a few suggestions to help you make that option a reality.

Outdoor Patio Heaters
For less than $200 you can find a multitude of propane tank fueled patio heaters at your local hardware store that do a remarkable job of keeping your patio (and you) warm and toasty while enjoying the brisk winter air. Patio heaters come in several types and sizes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages as described below.

Free Standing Patio Heaters
Perhaps the most versatile and recognizable patio heater is the free standing patio heater. This type typically has a round base that houses the propane tank, out of which a long pole extends up a few feet topped by a large round hat or “cap” that sits right above the burners to direct the heat both down and out.  The weight of the propane tank within the standalone base keeps this “tower style” heater stable, and it usually has wheels on one side that make it easy to roll around to whatever location you choose.  Free standing patio heater models typically operate at an average of 40,000 BTUs (i.e. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. One BTU can heat one pound of water one-degree Fahrenheit) when turned fully on which will keep you plenty warm!

Table Top Patio Heaters
Table top patio heaters are much smaller than their larger cousins, but they, too, do a good job of heating up a small space, particularly if the space to heat is not too expansive. Though they resemble their cousins, their small size means these devices and their associated propane tanks are much more portable and easier to transport, so they can travel with you on camping trips or even warm a balcony if you don’t happen to have a porch. Sometimes called a garden patio heater, these devices can put out about 10-11,000 BTUs.

Outdoor Fire Tables or Fire Pits
One other variation of a patio heater is a self-contained “fire table” or “fire pit” that comes in either square, round or rectangular versions to fit your desired space. These types of devices range in size and style, depending upon how large you wish to go, and can really warm your space as they can put off as much as 50,000 BTUs of heat.

Call us at Wright Propane so we can help you determine which type of patio heater is best for your desired space!

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