Break out the heaters, it’s getting chilly!!!

While at times this year it probably felt like cold weather would never get here, it certainly appears to finally be arriving now! Get ready to enjoy the cool evenings outside before winter fully sets in by taking advantage of the warmth created by a propane-fired fire pit, fire table or portable heater!

Let’s take a look at a few options designed to help keep the chills at bay:

Propane-Fired Fire Pits

An extremely popular backyard accessory for continuing to enjoy the great outdoors without freezing your tails off is a self-contained, propane-fired fire pit. This time of year, most local and national hardware stores stock propane-fired fire pits that come in square, rectangular or the ever-popular round version, all designed to keep you toasty warm without the need to constantly shift your seats to dodge the smoke of wood-burning versions. Sizes of these units vary depending on how much heart you want to generate with some putting off as much as 50,000 BTUs of heat which will keep you plenty warm!

Propane-Fired Fire Tables

If you want to get a little more decorative or have an outdoor space large enough for a table and set of chairs, you can purchase a propane-fired fire table where the heat comes out of the center of the table. Oftentimes decorative heat-resistant glass “stones,” shards or rocks hide the heating elements and help produce colorful flames that “dance” as the fire burns to delight you and your guests. Fire tables also come in a variety of sizes and can be found in round, square or rectangular styles at most hardware stores.

Portable Propane Heaters

If you just want the ease and practicality of a portable propane heater, you can get a small hand-held unit or opt for a unit large enough to hold a full-size propane tank. Just like above, your can likely find a few options to choose from at your local hardware store.

In every case, please remember to practice caution and only use these popular heat-generating devices in an open or well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling any noxious fumes.

Call us at Wright Propane so we can help you uncover your best options to continue to enjoy the fresh fall and winter air outside without suffering the chilly consequences!

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