Keep Warm on your Porch with Propane!

Even though it’s still chilly outside, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit comfortably on your outside porch to enjoy the fresh winter air?  Here are a few suggestions to help you make that option a reality. Outdoor Patio Heaters For less than $200 you can find a multitude of propane tank fueled…
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Natural Gases and the Environment

With the world’s current focus on global warming and the actions being undertaken to address this threat, it makes sense to better understand natural gas’s impact on the environment. This month we focus on methane, the main ingredient in natural gas, and its main benefits and detriments. Methane in the Environment Methane, a naturally occurring…
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What is Propane and what sets it apart from Natural Gas?

Many people use the terms Natural Gas and Propane interchangeably because they are both used for cooking, heating and transportation to name a few similarities, but are they the same thing? The answer, in short, is not exactly, so let’s explore some of the similarities and differences between them. Natural Gas Natural gas is a…
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